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Code Of Conduct

The school supports the emphasis of the home in matters of dressing, hairstyles and good grooming. Proper grooming is taught along with other values, manners and morals. Students are taught to respect the School Authorities, observe the School rules and maintain all established standards of behaviour. The School will follow a Biblical pattern that honours God and is beneficial to the students. Such rules include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Parents are to purchase vouchers for children who wish to purchase things from the Tuck shop. This applies to day students only. Boarders have vouchers of not more than N5,000.00 only per term (just in case they run out of personal items). Students are not allowed to have cash in their possession at any time
  2. Boys are to carry classic conservative haircuts.
  3. Girls are to weave their hair without hair attachment. Braids and hair pieces will not be allowed. Necklaces, bangles, rings, ruffles/ coloured ribbons, dangling earrings are not allowed. The girls will be allowed stud gold/silver earrings only. Hair ruffles allowed are sold in the Administrative office. All wrist watches must have black leather straps only.
  4. Make–up is not allowed.
  5. No child is to leave the school premises except the parent has the written consent of the principal.
  6. English language is the only means of communication to be used during school hours except when vernacular is being taught in the classroom.
  7. Abusive/ offensive language, bullying, fighting and stealing are highly prohibited.
  8. There will be a penalty for vandalism of school properties and parents will be asked to pay for any damage incurred.
  9. Students will obey all those in authority over them and will address adults by their titles and last names.
  10. Students will show respect for classmates, staff, teachers, the property of others and the school.
  11. Walkman, cellular phones, game boy, play station, electronic games and other prohibited items (provisions) are not allowed. Any of these items will be confiscated.
  12. No student should wear items of clothing that are not school uniforms.
  13. Bubble gum or sweets are not allowed.
  14. Buying from the Tuck shop is allowed only during break time and after school hours and must be consumed within the period. Eating is not allowed inside the classrooms, chapel or residences.
  15. Reading of comics, magazines and novels while class is in progress is not allowed.
  16. No reception of visitors at odd hours.


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